Evaluation of the reliability of the deregulated radially distribution network with consideration of vehicle to grid

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, P.O. Box: 45371-38791, Iran


The essential reduction of fossil fuels and environmental pollutants has caused Electric Vehicles (EVs) to be considered. EVs are able to participate as a manufacturer in the electricity market through Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology. This greatly improves the reliability of distribution systems. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the charging and discharging process in the parking lot. This paper has firstly investigated the different strategies for planning the charging and discharging process of EVs considering the random and unpredictable nature of various parameters, and also the limitation of the power exchange between the distribution system and parking, to evaluate the impact of V2G-equipped parking spaces on reliability. An appropriate strategy is the strategy that will increase the owner's interest in the parking lot. The results show that the use of V2G and charge-discharge strategies improve reliability (SAIFI, SAIDI, ASAI and ENS indices) of the distribution system. By examining the results of each of the strategies, the proposed strategies are able to increase parking revenue by an average of 21.6% and improve reliability indices of the distribution network up to 8.8%.


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Volume 30, Issue 5
Transactions on Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering (D)
September and October 2023
Pages 1687-1702