Performance improvement of a grid-connected voltage source converter controlled by parabolic PWM current control scheme

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1 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, P.O. Box 7155713876, I.R. Iran

2 Department of Electrical Engineering, Zarghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zarghan, I.R. Iran


Parabolic carrier PWM method is considered as one of the direct current control methods which has been proposed for the voltage-source converters (VSCs). This method has an excellent dynamic response. Besides, it proposes a constant switching frequency by employing a pair of parabolic PWM carriers. However, it suffers from some drawbacks and limitations. The major drawback of this method is its sensitivity to the inductance variations. In other words, in grid-connected applications the exact value of grid inductance should be exactly known to achieve a proper performance from this method. Moreover, it is essential that during each switching cycle the voltage at the point of common coupling remains constant. In grid connected applications such as active power filter these drawbacks may lead to operate at variable or non-expected frequencies. Therefore, this paper concerns the suggestions to deal with the situation. In this paper, by applying the conventional method the aforementioned problems are examined in a grid-connected active power filter. It is shown analytically that by using the proposed method, problems of sensitivity to inductance changes and also necessity to constant voltage at point of common coupling in a switching period will be solved. Finally, simulation and experimental results are presented.


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