Taguchi optimization of fused deposition modeling process parameters on mechanical characteristics of PLA + filament material

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Mechanical and Metal Technologies, Cumayeri Vocational School, Duzce University, 81700 Duzce, Turkey

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Duzce University, 81620, Duzce, Turkey


This study was realized to determine effects of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process parameters on mechanical characteristics with Taguchi optimization method. Three different FDM process parameters used for modified Polylactic Acid (PLA+) filament material; filling structures (Rectilinear, Triangular, and Full Honeycomb), occupancy rates (10, 30, and 50 %) and table orientation (0, 60, and - 45°) was specified as variable parameters for experiments. Other parameters kept fixed for each tensile and izod impact test samples were printed according to the ISO 527 – Type IV and ISO 180-Type I standards. The results found tensile strength values and izod impact values directly proportionate with occupancy rate. The difference between the estimation model and the results of experiments did not exceed the maximum value of 1.8 %. Thus, using the equations derived from this optimization, printing parameters can be determined for the desired tensile strength and izod impact values. By improving the material properties using modified PLA+ filament material as observed in the results, it will be possible to provide support for researchers, design engineers and manufacturer to optimize raw-material usage and margin.


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