Study of anticorrosion properties of epoxy-nano alumina/nano chitosan nanocomposite coating

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Chemical Engineering, Qaemshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qaemshahr, Iran


In this research, the anticorrosion properties of epoxy-based nanocomposite coating were studied using the Taguchi statistical method. A L16 orthogonal array with the four factors of control at four levels each and two interactions was employed for preparation of nanocomposite coating by adding chitosan nanoparticles and alumina nanoparticles in various concentrations, temperatures and mixing times. The analysis of variance and signal-to-noise ratio showed the film coating for steel panels significantly increases the anticorrosion properties. The optimal conditions for preparation of nanocomposite coating were obtained alumina nanoparticles 2%, chitosan nanoparticles 2%, temperature of 20 °C and a mixing time of 30 minutes. Finally, the surface of the coating film was analyzed by SEM.


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