Improved multi-camera smart traffic surveillance system for resilient cities


Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave., P. O. Box 11155-4363, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, intelligent traffic surveillance system as an important part of a smart resilient city is reviewed. The smart traffic control system is very important in improving the life style by decreasing the traffic saturation and air pollution. Still, multi-camera vision is more helpful in implementing different automatic traffic surveillance systems. Apart from their superior features, existing multi-camera surveillance systems suffer from computational complexity and degraded accuracy. The main reason for these shortcomings arises from image processing errors. These errors depend on the image content and thus are not predictable. To overcome this shortage, three-dimensional (3D) optical techniques for improved fusing the multi-camera images and thus extracting 3D vehicle locations is proposed in this paper. In fact the proposed multi-camera visionary system is a combination of image processing based and geometrical optics based methods. The result of 3D image reconstruction through the proposed technique shows its dominance in providing the 3D image information.