Evaluation of buckling load and dynamic performance of steel shear wall retrofitted with strips made of shape memory alloy

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, P.O. Box 88186-34141, Iran

2 Arian Saze Zagros Co., Chaharmahal Science & Technology Park, Shahrekord, Iran


One of the most imperfections of the steel shear wall is out of plane displacements that cause severe damage in both structural and non-structural elements. In this paper, the effects of shape-memory alloys on steel shear walls are investigated. First, a numerical analysis using the finite element method in ABAQUS software has been carried out according to an experimental test. The results of the numerical analysis have been verified with experimental results. Next, shape-memory alloy fibers have been added vertically and horizontally to various parts of the steel shear wall. The results show that retrofitting with the shape-memory alloy reduces the out-of-plane displacement of the steel shear wall under both cyclic and seismic loadings. Besides, the buckling load in the steel shear wall increases when it is retrofitted with the shape-memory alloy. Also, the total out-of-plane movement (accumulated absolute displacements) of the steel shear wall and non-structural damage are controlled by the characteristic of a shape-memory alloy material called “super-elastic”.


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