Importance of activation energy and heat source on nanoliquid flow with gyrotactic microorganisms

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1 - Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan - Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) Research Group, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University P. O. Box 80203, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia

2 Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

3 Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) Research Group, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University P. O. Box 80203, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia

4 Department of Mathematics, CUT, Chak Shahzad, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan


This article addresses salient features of gyrotactic microorganism and activation energy in flow of nanofluid by rotating disk. An exponential space dependent heat source (ESHS) process is implemented to examine the thermal transport characteristics. Additionally nanoparticles mass flux condition is considered. The solutions are numerically computed. Impacts of various physical variables appearing in the solutions of non-linear systems are carefully analyzed. The current work identifies that temperature distribution of nanoliquid enhances for higher values of thermophoresis and Brownian motion variables. Moreover activation energy and temperature difference parameters diminish the nanoparticles concentration. Comparative study is provided in order to validate our outcomes.


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