Analytical study, design, and optimization of radial-flux PM limited-angle torque motors

Document Type : Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Larestan, Lar, Iran


This paper presents an analytical study of the radial-flux slotless limited-angle torque motors. The modelling is based on the magnetic equivalent circuit of the actuators and uses the electromagnetic equations to calculate the air-gap flux as well as the produced torque. This model is then used for designing the actuators both in outer-rotor and inner-rotor structures, considering the design constraints and desired characteristics. As the objectives in design stage usually conflict with each other, an intelligent multi-objective optimization algorithm is required to design the best fit actuators. Analytical and simulation results are presented and compared to show the accuracy of the model and verify the design equations as well as the design approach. As this type of actuators is a key element in industrial control, the contributions of this paper are focused on new analytical field solution based on magnetic equivalent circuit, design and optimization approach for radial-flux structure and introducing a general procedure that could be extended to similar structures and actuators.


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