Sequential nonlinear encoding: A low dimensional regression algorithm with application to EEG-based driving fatigue detection

Document Type : Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran 11155-8639, Iran


We introduce a novel Regularized Kernel Projection Pursuit Regression method which is a two-step nonlinearity encoding algorithm tailored for such very low dimensional problems as fatigue detection. This way, the data nonlinearity can be investigated from two different perspectives, first by transforming the data into a high dimensional intermediate space and then by using their spline estimations to the output variables which allows for a hierarchical unfolding of data. Experimental results on the SEED database shows an average RMSE value of 0.1080% and 0.1054% respectively for the temporal and posterior areas of the brain. Our method is also validated by conducting some experiments on Parkinson's disease prediction which further demonstrate the efficiency of our method for low-dimensional regression problems.Traditional off-the-shelf regression methods like SVR, KSVR, and GLM methods all require their link functions to be previously selected which limits their effectiveness for encoding the nonlinearity of a highly complex low dimensional data set. Moreover, conventional PPR does not deal with the very low dimensionality of data. This paper proposes a novel regression algorithm to address the encoding problem of a highly complex low dimensional data, which is usually encountered in bio-neurological prediction tasks like EEG based driving fatigue detection.


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