Studying Land Subsidence around the City of Shiraz


1 Dept. of Civil and Environmental Eng., Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, 7264102, Iran

2 Dept. of Civil Eng., Shahrekord Branch- Lordegan Center, Islamic Azad University, , Shahrekord,5224494, Iran


Land subsidence phenomenon due to human activities and natural factors has been observed in the plains of Fars province which impose heavy damage to agricultural lands, rural buildings and historical monuments. In this paper, after identifying and determining rate of damage in Fars province, Marvdasht plain and its damaged villages have been chosen as the case study. The land subsidence map of Marvdasht and villages were presented by the data obtained from state of ground water, soil and soil parameters. Also, the effect of faults, tectonic situation, dried qanat, occurred earthquakes in this area and the observed fissured are taken into account.  Generally, uncontrolled withdrawals from deep drilling wells caused subsidence and extended damage in other areas. Earthquakes intensified the damage to rural buildings and contributed to opening gaps. The altered subsidence achieved in different parts of Marvdasht plain and the damage in rural areas along with the ​​predictions made could represent the progressive damage of this phenomenon in the future. Finally, with respect to the climate, geology, land status, characteristic of soil layers and regional potential, appropriate solutions for the land subsidence prevention and consequently reduction of the related damages were presented.