Gas separation properties of polyacrylonitrilepolysulfone-iron oxide nanocomposite membrane

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Chemical Engineering, Marvdasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht, 73711-13119, Iran


Gas separation process by the membrane is performed without changing the phase. For this reason, the costs are decreased. This study examined gas separation in Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and Polysulfone (PSF) blend membranes. The ratio of polymers to mixed matrix membranes was considered 100% PAN, 100% PSF, (95% PAN -5% PSF), (90% PAN-10% PSF), (85% PAN-15% PSF). The best combi-nation of mixture was determined. Then, iron oxide nanoparticles with different weight percentages were placed on the membrane. The impact of adding different values of iron oxide nanoparticles in membrane was examined on separation of gas. Adding iron oxide nanoparticles to the membrane by 10% weight and measuring the value of permeability, it was observed that the permeability of this membrane for carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and methane gases increased by 117%, 137%, 95%, and 53% compared to membranes without iron oxide nanoparticles. Examining the findings, it was re-vealed that the optimal value of adding iron oxide to improve the membrane properties was 10% by weight.


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