Hot-film/hot-wire anemometer calibration for low velocities using image processing

Document Type : Article


Department of Aerospace, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Calibration of hot-wire and hot-film probes at low velocities is a difficult task because the dynamic pressure at these velocities is very low and may not be measured easily. To overcome this problem, substituent techniques have been presented in the literature that rely on other phenomena and utilize different hardware. This paper describes a simple and low-cost method which proposes to move the anemometer probe in quiescent air (here by means of a swinging arm) and track this motion with a camera. After processing of the images, velocity time history of the probe is found by numerical calculations. Calibration curve is then obtained without any predetermined relationship. Using a medium-speed video camera that is often found in laboratories would avoid the need to a position sensor and a complicated arm on which this sensor is mounted. This technique can be used not only for pendulums but also for other means of moving probes in quiescent medium.


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