Examining the behavior of MHD micropolar fluid over curved stretching surface based on the modified Fourier law

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, International Islamic University, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan

2 Department of Mathematics, FBAS, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan


The present study describes MHD micropolar fluid as a result of curved stretching surface with Cattaneo-Christov theory of heat diffusion. The new heat model with the relaxation time is employed in this paper, in spite of classical theory of heat flux presented by Fourier. The curvilinear coordinates are used to model the governing equations. The nonlinear PDE’s are changed into ODE’s by using suitable transformation. The nonlinear ODE’s are solved with the help of OHAM by using BVPh2. The variation of several parameters are indicated and examined graphically. We observed that the pressure and velocity rises by enhancing the radius of curvature.


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