Prediction of Compression Index of Saturated Clays (Cc) Using polynomial models



Settlement based design for shallow foundation realizing consolidation aspect is a major task of geotechnical engineer. Compression index (Cc) from the odometer test is used to estimate the consolidation settlement of clays. Since the determination of Cc from odometer tests is relatively time-consuming, empirical equations based on index properties can be useful for settlement estimation. Empirical correlations have been proposed to relate the Cc of clay deposits to other soil parameters. New polynomial models are proposed for correlation. In order to assess the merits of the proposed approach, a database containing 352 data points have been compiled from case histories via geotechnical investigation sites in the province of Mazandaran, along southern shoreline of the Caspian Sea, Iran. We compare our results involving polynomial fitting with earlier results of statistical correlation relations among Cc with other geotechnical soil properties. The predicted values using our model are checked with the measured ones to evaluate the performance of the polynomial model. The results suggest that the newly proposed approach of correlation provides a means for recognizing more efficiently the patterns in the data and reliably predicting the Cc.