Numerical modeling of a new reinforced masonry system subjected to in-plane cyclic loading

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


This paper describes the behavior of walls under in-plane cyclic shear compression loads of a new reinforced masonry system composed of horizontally and vertically reinforcement based on Iran's national building regulation in two groups. First, steel bars in grid-type are mounted in the cement core between solid clay bricks (Double-Wythe) and in the second group, common steel bars in grid-type are mounted in perforated bricks and trusses as horizontal reinforcement, using advanced numerical simulation (LS-DYNA). A nonlinear finite element discrete modeling according to stress-strain models have been used in order to represent previously modeled masonry walls. Masonry units include perforated bricks and solid clay bricks, the mortar and bonding interfaces have been shown as continuum elements. In order to validate micro-modeling strategy, the input data, based on a reinforced masonry wall was previously tested in the laboratory with a clear identification and justification. That being so, the major purpose of this paper is: (a) the results of specimens in terms of maximum strength, ductility, energy absorption and failure modes (b) influence of aspect ratio and reinforcement type and (c) the comparison of modeled walls with other reinforced systems.


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