Vibro-acoustic analysis of laminated composite plate structure using structure-dependent radiation modes: An experimental validation

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1 School of Mechanical Engineering, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar: 751024, Odisha, India

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT, Rourkela: 769008, Odisha, India


In this article, the acoustic radiation responses of the layered composite flat panel in an infinite rigid baffle under the influence of harmonic point load and various support conditions are investigated numerically. The laminated composite flat panel responses have been computed using the ANSYS parametric design language code. The natural frequencies obtained using the current simulation model are matched with the earlier published values as well as in-house experimental results. The eigenvectors corresponding to the validated eigenvalues are extracted and utilised for the computation of the acoustic properties numerically by solving through Rayleigh integral scheme. The first radiation mode’s amplitudes for the vibrating plate have been computed and validated with the results available in open literature. Further, the self-radiation efficiency and radiated sound power are obtained based on the structure dependent radiation modes and all the radiation modes are also included to evaluate the exact radiated sound power. Finally, the effect of the different composite (Carbon/Epoxy and Glass/Epoxy) properties, constraint conditions and the location of point load on the displacement and velocity responses, radiation efficiency and the radiated acoustic power level of the layered flat panel have been investigated and discussed in detail.


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