Optimal location of stone column for stabilization of sand slope: An experimental and 3D numerical investigation

Document Type : Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Razi University, Taq-e Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran


Utilization of numerical and analytical methods to stabilize earth slopes applying piles or stone columns is subject commonly discussed by numerous researchers. Various researchers have practiced optimization of the location of pile or stone column, to stabilize earth slope through numerical and analytical approaches. Their efforts have led to various results raising the question of what the optimal place for installation of a pile or stone column is. It is look like that no experimental studies are conducted in this regard; the point which is discussed in this article. Experimental study conducted in this article is new topic and it can solve the problem caused by varying and sometimes contradictory results of numerical analyses to find the optimal pile (or stone column) location. In this article, an experimental study is conducted for two-layer sand earth slope, which is saturated through precipitation and failure after saturation over time. Installing stone columns in different locations and saturating the earth slope through precipitation, rational acceptable results were obtained that can appropriately assist designers. All of the experimental models were modeled and compared using the 3D finite difference method (3D FDM), which are compliant with each other.


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