Soft computing-based approach for capacity prediction of FRP-strengthened RC joints

Document Type : Article


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


Shear failure of the RC beam-column joints is a brittle failure which has no prior
warning and can induce tremendous damages because of collapse of column and joint before the
connected beam. This paper is focused on one particular method of strengthening the RC joints,
that is, the use of FRP composites as confining element. The results of previous studies have shown
that strengthening the RC beam-column joints with FRP composites can improve their shear
capacity. In this study, the data collected from the existing standards and studies regarding the FRp
strengthened RC joints were used to develop an artificial neural network model for predicting the
shear strength contribution of FRP jacket. The developed model was then used to evaluate the role
of different parameters on this contribution, and finally derive a formula for contribution of FRp
jacket to the shear strength of the RC beam-column joints.


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