A synopsis about the effect of metakaolin on the durability of Portland cement – An overview 


Building Materials Research and Quality Control Institute, Housing & Building National Research Center, HBRC, Cairo, Egypt


Metakaolin (MK) produced by suitable thermal treatment of either kaolin or paper sludge. MK can be used to modify some properties of Portland cement (PC) system. Many authors studied the effects blended PC with MK on durability characteristics. The current investigation focuses on, to review, the effect of MK on the durability of blended PC. A review on resistance of abrasion, fire, freeze-thaw, seawater, chloride-ion diffusion, carbonation, acid, sulfate, chloride, corrosion, creep, shrinkage, alkali-silica reaction (ASR) and near surface is presented.This overview can be considered as a short guide for Civil Engineers.