Oedometric Response of an Artificially Prepared Sand-Bentonite Mixture Improved by Potassium Silicate


1 School of Engineering, Fasa University; Moallem BLVD; Fasa; Fars, Iran‎

2 Azad University, Branch of Marvdasht,‎Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Fasa University; Moallem BLVD; ‎Fasa; Fars, Iran‎


In this paper, artificially prepared sand-bentonite samples with different bentonite contents were employed to investigate the role of the clay content in the swelling potential, swelling pressure and oedometric behavior of expansive clays. Specimens were also dynamically compacted utilizing an identical compaction effort at various initial water contents to study the effect of the initial fabric of the soil on its volume change behavior and also to find the moisture content corresponding to the minimum drying-wetting induced swell and shrinkage of the material. Furthermore, commercially available Potassium Silicate is evaluated as a potential stabilizer in improving the volume change features of the sand-bentonite mixtures. Three dosage levels of the Potassium Silicate solutions were utilized to stabilize the expansive clayey soil. Free swelling, drying-wetting and consolidation tests were conducted on the stabilized soil samples. The results indicate that the swelling potential of the improved soil specimens are much lower than those of the non-stabilized soils. Also, Potassium Silicate eliminates the shrinkage behavior of the expansive clay. Besides, the mechanical oedometric behavior of the stabilized and non-stabilized soils is similar and Potassium Silicate does not change the response of the soil samples to the mechanical loading.