An Integrated Decision Support System for Dam Site Selection


1 Water Eng., Dept. of Civil Eng., RaziUniv. Of Kermanshah, Iran

2 Civil Eng., Dept. of Civil Eng., RaziUniv. Of Kermanshah, Iran

3 Dept. of Mining Eng, Shahrood Univ. of Technology, Shahrood, Iran

4 Civil Engineering, Department of Engineering, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK


Selection of suitable site for dam is one of the problems associated with water resources management, and it is dependent on a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria. Such problems can be resolved using multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) approaches. This study aims to develop a MCDM method integrated with fuzzy logic and group decision-making, specifically focused on dam site selection. A fuzzy AHP method was extended to group decision making, and then the resulting group fuzzy AHP was combined with the VIKOR method.  In the integrated method, fuzzy concepts were used to account for decision-makers’ subjective judgments when considering the uncertainties of the site selection process. Group fuzzy AHP was used to determine the weights of different criteria and VIKOR was used to rank alternatives. The integrated method was applied to selection of the optimal site for an earth dam in Harsin city, Iran. The results show that the proposed method is an effective and reliable method in selecting the optimal dam site.