AExperimental investigation into steel ber addition to reinforced concrete cantilever beams under a cyclic load eff ect


1 Erciyes University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, 38039, Kayseri, Turkey

2 Erciyes University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, Kayseri, Turkey


Cantilever beams are widely used in reinforced concrete structures. Due to deflections in a cantilever, cracks occur. The formation of a crack is unfavourable and decreases the bearing capacity of a reinforced concrete member. The use of steel ber in reinforced concrete is widespread, since it prevents the formation of cracks and increases ductility. The signi cance of this study is an experimental report of the use of steel bers in a reinforced concrete cantilever beam, and their contribution to its behaviour. Therefore, reinforced concrete cantilever beam samples, with and without steel ber additions, were produced. As cyclic loads were applied, the behaviour of the samples was examined. As a result of the study, it is experimentally found that by addition of steel bers into reinforced concrete cantilever beams, crack widths decrease and their ductility increases. Sti ffness decreased less in reinforced concrete cantilever beams with steel ber addition, and, thus, it was concluded that use of steel bers is favourable for their behaviour.