SSeat width requirement for skewed bridges under seismic loads


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, P.O. Box: 11365-9313, Tehran, Iran

2 Faculties of Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz, P.O. Box: 51666-16471, Tabriz, Iran


In this paper, the dynamic characteristics of skewed bridges are explored analytically. Closed form solutions for translational and torsional periods of free vibration and mode shapes are given for slab-girder skewed bridges. Moreover, the seismic displacement of the deck of skewed bridges is calculated using the response spectrum method and its skew term is compared with the requirement of AASHTO. The eff ects of seismic force resisting elements, such as elastomeric bearings and end diaphragms are included. It is shown that the skew term in AASHTO's equation can underestimate the seat width requirement for some bridges. A new skew term for the bridge seat width requirement is suggested.