Applicability of a numerical model to predict distribution of suspended sediment concentration in Dithmarschen Bight


RahbaniDepartment of Oceanic and Atmospheric science, University of Hormozgan, Bandar-Abbas, Iran


The main concern of this investigation is to evaluate the ability of Delft3D-flow package to study distribution of suspended sediment concentration (SSC) over the depth in the Dithmarschen Bight. The area consists of tidal channels and tidal flats with prevailing semi-diurnal tide and is tidally dominated. Required field data was prepared using the data collected by transmissometer and mechanical sampler. Factor of two of measured SSC were used to evaluate the performance of the model. Some dissimilarity was found between the modeled and measured SSC. To verify the reason, two comparing procedures were carried out. First the evolution of the vertical profile of the SSC from the model and the field were prepared and compared. In another procedure the snapshot of distribution of SSC during different phases of a tidal cycle were prepared for both model results and field data. It was found that the predicted SSC values are in good agreement with the field data during the periods of flood phase and low slack water. However, spatial dissimilarities are observed during the periods of high slack water and the ebb phase. An insufficient supply of sediment from the tidal flat predicted by the model was considered to be responsible.