On the vibration of a thin rectangular plate carrying a moving oscillator


Department of Civil Engineering, Babol University of Technology, Babol, Iran


Agreat number of studies on the vibration of plates subjected to moving loads are available which are gained by the moving force and moving mass modelling frameworks. As a result, evaluating the reliability of approximate simulation of a moving oscillator problem through moving force/mass would be of interest in engineering application. Therefore, in this article, transverse vibration of a thin rectangular plate under a traveling mass-spring-damper system is revealed by eigenfunction expansion method. Both moving force and moving mass modelling approaches are compared with the moving oscillator and various plate fixity cases and load trajectories are involved to present benchmark solutions. The spring stiffness range for which the plate response agrees closely with the corresponding moving force/mass analysis is recommended. The results elucidate that the moving mass can be considerably unrealistic in predicting the contact force of an undamped oscillator. Moreover, errors of orbiting force/mass simplification of the orbiting oscillator in predicting the resonant conditions of the plate vibration are not negligible.