Rheological master curves for modified asphalt binders


Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Modified bitumen enhances the performance properties of asphalt mixtures. A number of studies in the last decade have evaluated the performance properties of modified binders at different service temperatures. It is however possible to evaluate some modified binder time-temperature characteristics and performance properties through their rheological master curves. In this research, styrene butadiene styrene, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyphosphoric acid and crumb rubber were used to modify a PG58-22 base binder. Rheological master curves for |G*| and phase angles of these binders were generated using data from the dynamic shear rheometerand bending beam rheometerat temperatures ranging from -30℃to about 88℃. The rheological interpretation of the results indicated improved high and low temperature properties and reduced temperature susceptibility for most of the modified binders. A comparison of the modified binders was done based on the visual inspection of master curves for different temperature ranges.