Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slab Tracks on Non-ballasted Foundations


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, postal code 8415683111, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran

2 Civil group, Department of Engineering, Bou-Ali Sina University, postal code 651744161, Hamadan, Islamic Republic of Iran

3 Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, postal code 113658639, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


Mechanical properties of slab tracks on a foundation with nonlinear stiffness are accounted for. At first, the cracking stages were inspected in FEM models, and it was gathered that slab tracks have one-way flexural behavior. Secondly, experimental full-scale models were made, and the accuracy of analyses was verified by comparing theFEM load-deflection curves with those of previous studies and validating the cracking and ultimate loads with those obtained from experiments. Finally, the effects of several parameters on the cracking and ultimate loads and the energy absorption of steel fiber-reinforced slab tracks were investigated by examining the real behavior of slab tracks on elastic foundations before and after cracking. Steel fibers increased the compressive and flexural strengths as well as ductility and energy absorption. The 2.5 m width was the optimal width and the fracture pattern changed at this width. Finally, based on the obtained fracture loads, design curves were plotted for AASHTO’s factored loads.