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Optimization of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Parameters for Hardness improvement of Diamond Like Carbon Coatings

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 April 2022

Kanak Kalita; Ranjan Kumar Ghadai

Modeling the CO gas response of PEDOT:PSS/Fe(salen) thin film for a gas sensor

Volume 27, Issue 3, June 2020, Pages 1227-1233

N. Anjabin; F. Arabloo; S. Javadpour

Multiferroic Thin Film Composite of Pb(Zr0:52Ti0:48)O3 and Co-50%Fe Alloy

Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2010

Kazem Tahmasebi Abdar; Abdolghaffar Barzegar