Keywords = Linear programming
Number of Articles: 5
1. Finding an improved region of efficiency via DEA-efficient hyperplanes

Volume 25, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 2852-2866

N. Ebrahimkhani Ghazi; F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi; M. Rostamy-Malkhalifeh; G.R. Jahanshahloo; M. Ahadzadeh Namin

2. A bi-objective mathematical model for dynamic cell formation problem considering learning e ect, human issues, and worker assignment

Volume 23, Issue 5, October 2016, Pages 2341-2354

M. Rabbani; H. Habibnejad-Ledari; H. Rafiei; A. Farshbaf-Geranmayeh

3. LP modelling for the two dimensional nonlinear Fredholm integral equations

Volume 22, Issue 1, February 2015, Pages 165-174

A.R. Nazemi

5. A Corporate Supply Optimizer with Flow Network

Volume 17, Issue 1, June 2010

M. Sepehri; F. Ghasemzadeh; K. Fayazbakhsh