Author = M. Mofid
Number of Articles: 14
1. An exact solution to the problems of flexo-poroelastic structures rested on elastic beds acted upon by moving loads

Volume 27, Issue 5, September and October 2020, Pages 2326-2341

Ali Nikkhoo; Reza Tafakor; Massood Mofid

2. A New Fourier series solution for free vibration of non-uniform beams, resting on variable elastic foundation

Volume 25, Issue 6, November and December 2018, Pages 2967-2979

Seyedemad Motaghian; Massood Mofid; John E. Akin

3. The effect of gusset plate in moment-rotation behavior of double-web angle connection, in braced frames

Volume 24, Issue 6, November and December 2017, Pages 2712-2725

Massood Mofid; Amir Reza Tabkhi Wayghan

4. On the improvement of steel plate shear wall behavior, using energy absorbent element

Volume 24, Issue 1, January and February 2017, Pages 11-18

Fereshteh Emami; Massood Mofid

5. Parametric study and computation of seismic performance factors of braced shear panels

Volume 23, Issue 2, March and April 2016, Pages 460-474

Arash Akbari Hamed; Massood Mofid

6. A new simpli ed formula in prediction of the resonance velocity for multiple masses traversing a thin beam

Volume 23, Issue 1, January and February 2016, Pages 133-141

R. Afghani Khoraskani; M. Mofid; S. Eftekhar Azam; M. Ebrahimzadeh Hassanabadi

7. Investigation on the seismic behavior of single story concrete frames equipped with metallic yielding dampers

Volume 22, Issue 6, November and December 2015, Pages 2061-2068

M. Alirezaei; M. Mofid; H. Tajamolian

8. On the assessment of semi-rigid double-angle steel connections and parametric analyses on their initial stiffness using FEM

Volume 22, Issue 6, November and December 2015, Pages 2033-2045

A. Esfahanian; A. Esfahanian; M.R. Mohamadi-shooreh; M. Mofid

9. Modal Analysis of the Dynamic Response of Timoshenko Beam under Moving Mass

Volume 22, Issue 2, March and April 2015, Pages 331-344

Davod Roshandel; Massood Mofid; A. Ghannadiasl

12. Seismic Risk Analysis of Iranian Construction Projects

Volume 17, Issue 1, February 2010

A. Bakhshiani; M. Mofid; M. Shokri-Ghasabeh; K. Hansen

13. A Plate on Winkler Foundation with Variable Coecient

Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2009

M. Mofid; M. Noroozi

14. Interpretation of Tensile Softening in Concrete, Using Fractal Geometry

Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2008

H. Khezrzadeh; M. Mofid