Tensile strength parameters controlling of zeolite-cemented sands

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Lameie Institute, Gorgan, Iran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Gonbad University, Gonbad, Iran


Treating soil with cement and zeolite is widely used in soil stabilization. This research intends to quantify the impact of cement and zeolite contents, porosity index, voids/cement ratio on zeolite cemented sands by the splitting tensile strength (σt) assessment. A program of splitting tensile tests using specimens by different zeolite replacement percentages is performed. Results indicate that cement replaces by zeolite at optimum proportion of 30%, then the value of improved σt of the cement sand specimens due to zeolite and cement chemical properties are exploited. Zeolite can effect more on a compacted mixture if its cement content and porosity increase. In this paper, it is shown that for the zeolite cemented sands, σt increases by cement content (C) raise and porosity (n) reduction and a power function is well-adapted to fit both σt-C and σt-n. Afterwards, good correlations are observed between voids/cement ratio (n/c) and the splitting tensile strength(σt)of the sand-zeolite-cement studied. Finally, based on a number of input variables as porosity (n), replacement of cement by zeolite (Z) and cement content (C), considering the regression approach, an equation is suggested to predict σt. Moreover, it is shown that the evolved equation could successfully predict .


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