A novel correlation coefficient of intuitionistic fuzzysets based on the connection number of set pair analysis and its application

Document Type: Article


School of Mathematics, Thapar University Patiala 147004, Punjab, India


Set pair analysis (SPA) is an updated theory for dealing with the uncertainty, which overlaps the other
theories of uncertainty such as probability, vague, fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS). Considering the
fact that the correlation coecient plays an important role during the decision-making process, in this paper,
after pointing out the weakness of the existing correlation coecients between the IFSs, we propose a novel
correlation coecient and weighted correlation coecients formulation to measure the relative strength of the
di erent IFSs. For it, rstly corresponding to each intuitionistic fuzzy number, the connection number of the
SPA theory has been formulated in the form of the degree of identity, discrepancy and contrary and then
based on its, a novel correlation coecient measures have been de ned. Pairs of identity, discrepancy and
contrary of the connection number have been taken as a vector representation during the formulation. Lastly,
a decision-making approach based on the proposed measures has been presented which has been illustrated
by two numerical examples in pattern recognition and medical diagnosis.


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