MHD forced convection ow and heat transfer of ferro fluids over a moving at plate with uniform heat flux and second-order slip effects

Document Type: Article


1 School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia

2 Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babes-Bolyai University, 400084 Cluj-Napoca, Romania


In this study, the problem of two-dimensional forced convection MHD flow and heat transfer of ferro fluids over a moving  at plate with the influence of uniform heat flux and secondorder slip eff ects is considered. By applying the similarity transformation, the governing equations are reconstructed into the similarity equations and the resulting equations are solved via shooting technique. Then, we implement a stability analysis in order to verify which solutions are stable and physically realizable. The e ects of the magnetic parameter,
moving parameter, mass transfer parameter, rst-order surface slip parameter, second-order surface slip parameter and volume fraction of solid ferroparticles on the dimensionless velocity, temperature, skin friction and Nusselt numbers are discussed in the form of tabular and graphical presentation. For this present study, we consider the results based on three preferred ferroparticles, namely magnetite, cobalt ferrite and Mn-Zn ferrite in water- and kerosene-based fluids. The results display the existence of dual solutions for a plate moving towards the origin in which the rst solution is stable and physically realizable, while the second solution is not. Moreover, it is demonstrated that the magnetic, moving, mass transfer and slip eff ects together with the volume fraction of ferro fluids delay the boundary layer separation.


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