Heat transfer correlation for a cross-flow jet impingement on a protruded surface

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College of Engineering and Technology (CET), Bhubaneswar-751029, Odisha, India


This paper aimed at developing an empirical correlation for heat transfer from a protruded surface in the presence of a cross-flow jet. Finite volume method has been used to solve the governing differential equations for mass, momentum, energy as well as turbulence by imposing appropriate boundary conditions. Extensive numerical computations have been carried out to vary each of the independent variables to collect data for area-weighted average Nusselt number. Both the duct and the nozzle Reynolds number are varied from 6,000-20,000. The volume fraction and Prandtl number are also varied in the range of and , respectively. The number of protrusion (n) is varied from 1 to 4. A nonlinear regression analysis has been executed using CFD data to develop an empirical correlation for the Nusselt number in terms of pertinent independent parameters. The volume fraction of the nanofluid is found to be the most significant parameter to influence heat transfer rate among all other parameters. It has been observed that the predicted Nusselt number matches well with the computed one. The variations of the Nusselt number as the function of the independent parameters has been demonstrated. The present numerical methodologies have been validated with some open literature.


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