Extended TOPSIS method for multi-criteria group decision-making problems under cubic intuitionistic fuzzy environment

Document Type : Article


School of Mathematics, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed University) Patiala 147004, Punjab, India


The objective of this work is to present a novel multi-criteria group decision making (MCGDM) method under cubic intuitionistic fuzzy (CIF) environment by integrating extended TOPSIS method. In the existing studies, the uncertainties which are present in the data are handled either an interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IVIFS) or an intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) information, which may lose some useful information of alternatives. On the other hand, CIF set (CIFS) handles the uncertainties by considering both the IVIFS and IFS instantaneously. Thus, motivated by this, in the present work, we presented some series of distance measures between the pairs of CIFSs and investigated their various relationship. Further, under this environment, a group decision-making method based on the proposed measure is presented by taking the different priority pairs of the decision makers. A practical example is provided to verify the developed approach and to demonstrate its practicality and feasibility, we compared their results with the several existing approaches results.


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