Electrical conductivity of doped armchair graphene nanoribbon in the presence of gap parameter

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1 Department of Physics, Razi University, Kermanshah, P.O. Box 0786534239456 Iran

2 Department of Physics, Razi University, Kermanshah, P.O. Box :0786534239456 Iran


We address the electronic properties of armchair graphene nanoribbon within tight binding model Hamiltonian. Specially we have investigated the behavior of density of states and electrical conductivity. The possible gap parameter eff ects, ribbon width and chemical potential on electrical conductivity are investigated. Us-
ing Green's function calculate the electrical conductivity and density of states of the system have been calculated. Based on the results, the band gap in density of states increases with gap parameter and decreases with ribbon width. The dependence of the electrical conductivity on temperature for various ribbon widths and chemical potentials has been found. Our results show a peak appears in temperature de-pendence of electrical conductivity for each value of chemical potential and ribbon width.


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