Numerical Analysis of MHD Mixed Convection Flow in a Parallelogramic Porous Enclosure Filled with Nano Fluid and in Presence of Magnetic Field Induction

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Department of Physics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


In the present study, the mixed convection Flow of nano Fluid in a lid-driven parallelogramic porous enclosure subjected to a magnetic Fi eld is investigated numerically. Induced magnetic Fi eld is also considered, in terms of the magnetic potential, in solving the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Flow and temperature equations. The Darcy-Brinkman-Forchheimer model with the Boussinesq approximation is adopted and the Finite volume method based on SIMPLE algorithm is utilized to solve the governing equations with the appropriate boundary conditions in an orthogonal computational domain. The governing equations in a non-orthogonal physical domain are transformed into a computational domain in an orthogonal co-ordinate by co-ordinate transformations. It has been shown that the Flow Fi eld and heat transfer are sensible greatly to the skew angle variation. Magnetic potential circulates through the parallelogramic porous enclosure with either high either magnetic Reynolds number or magnetic permeability of the nano Fluid. Results also indicate that the influence of external magnetic Fi eld on Fluid characteristics and heat transfer manifests variety fashions mainly depends on the e ffective area of the parallelogramic enclosure. Besides, the variation in rates of heat transfer while adding nanoparticles or applying magnetic Field are aff ected to some extent by porous medium permeability and Richardson number.


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