Keywords = Strengthening
Number of Articles: 9
1. Seismic behavior comparison of RC shear walls strengthened using FRP composites and steel elements

Volume 28, Issue 3, May and June 2021, Pages 1167-1181

O. Habibi; A. Khaloo; H. Abdoos

2. SCF distribution in FRP-strengthened tubular T-joints under brace axial loading

Volume 27, Issue 3, May and June 2020, Pages 1113-1129

A. Sadat Hosseini; M.R. Bahaari; M. Lesani

3. Strengthening and shape modification of fire-damaged concrete with expansive cement concrete and CFRP wrap

Volume 26, Issue 2, March and April 2019, Pages 699-708

M. Hosseinpour; M. Celikag; Habib Akbarzadeh Bengar

4. Investigating the seismic behavior of RC shear walls with openings strengthened with FRP sheets using different schemes

Volume 24, Issue 4, July and August 2017, Pages 1855-1865

B. Mohammadi Vojdan; R. Aghayari

5. Nonlinear behavior of RC frames strengthened with steel curb and prop

Volume 22, Issue 5, September and October 2015, Pages 1712-1722

A. Khalili; A. Kheyroddin; A. Farahani; M. K. Sharbatdar

6. Shear-Torsion Interaction of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Sheets

Volume 22, Issue 3, May and June 2015, Pages 699-708

Sayed Behzad Talaeitaba; Davood Mostofinejad

7. Numerical Study on flexural strengthening of squat RC shear wall using FRP laminates

Volume 22, Issue 1, January and February 2015, Pages 144-156

F. Shadan; A. Khaloo; P. Shadan

8. Effect of Internal and External Shear Wall Location on Strengthening Weak RC Frames

Volume 17, Issue 4, July 2010

M.Y. Kaltakci; M.H. Arslan; G. Yavuz