Experimental Evaluation of Effective Parameters on Characteristic Curves of Hydraulic Ram-Pumps

Document Type : Research Note


1 Civil Engineering Department, Jundi-Shapur University of Technology, Dezful, Iran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Jundi-Shapur University of Technology, Dezful, Iran.


The effects of non-dimensional parameters on the characteristic curves of a ram pump were evaluated in this study using an experimental model. To do so, after providing dependent and independent parameters using dimensional analysis, effect of each independent parameter was examined on the dependent parameter. Experimental observations showed that relative pumping discharge (q/QT), relative wasting discharge (Q/QT) and pump efficiency (η) were depended on length to diameter ratio of drive pipe (L/D) and pressure head ratio (h/hm). Impulse valve parameter (nD/v0) was depended on L/D, h/hm and Reynolds number of flow in drive pipe. Characteristic curves were presented for ram pump used in this study to estimate dependent parameters as function pressure head ratio for various ratios of length to diameter. In addition, characteristic equations of the used ram pump were introduced using nonlinear regression. Evaluation of results showed that the characteristic curves and equations can be designed a ram pump system with high accurate, and this design method can be proposed for any kinds of ram pumps to use in engineering purpose.


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