An investigation into the effect of pressure source parameters and water depth on the wake wash wave generated by moving pressure source

Document Type: Article


1 Sharif University of technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Australian Maritime College, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, 7250

3 University College London, Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE, UK

4 University of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, 7250


In this study the effect of moving pressure source and channel parameters on the generated waves in a channel was numerically investigated. Draught, angle of attack and profile shape were investigated as parameters of pressure source and water depth and blockage factor as channel parameters on wave height. Firstly, the chosen Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach was validated with the experimental data over a range of speed. Then the CFD study was conducted for further investigations. It was shown that that by enlarging draught, angle of attack and beam of the pressure source, the wave height generated will be increased. Channel study showed that it is possible to increase the wave height generated by shallowing water for a given speed as long as the depth Froude number is subcritical and the wave height generated is independent of water depth for supercritical depth Froude numbers. The blockage factor has more influence at supercritical Froude depth values, while at subcritical Froude values is negligible compare with water depth.


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