A Less-Effort Method for Spatial Network Planning

Document Type: Article


1 Kerman Graduate University of Technology, Kerman, Iran.

2 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.


This paper presents a method to solve spatial network planning (SNP) in power systems expansion. SNP is an integration of transmission expansion planning (TEP) and optimal line routing problems. In fact, SNP considers the impacts of lines routing on the network power  flow. Therefore, it can exploit such impacts
to attain a signi cant techno-economic solution. In this work, a preprocess stage is employed to reduce the computational e ort demanded by line routing. Furthermore, a meta-heuristic algorithm is engaged to solve such a complicated problem. Applying these modi cations made it possible to solve SNP for large-
scale systems with high-resolution rasterized maps. The proposed method is applied to a 3-bus system, an 18-bus test system as well as the original and modi ed versions of the IRAN southeast high-voltage transmission network to demonstrate the capability of the proposed methodology.


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