Inventory of complementary products with stock-dependent demand under vendor-managed inventory with consignment policy

Document Type: Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez avenue, 1591634311, Tehran, Iran


This paper proposes an integrated two-stage model, which consists of one vendor and one buyer for two complementary products. The vendor produces two types of products and delivers them to the buyer in distinct batches. Buyer stocks items in the warehouse and on the shelf. The demand for each product is sensitive to stock levels of both products. A vendor managed inventory with consignment stock policy is considered. The number of shipments and replenishment lot sizes are jointly determined as decision variables in such a way that total profit is maximized. The numerical study shows that as complementary rate increases, the quantity of transfers and demand of both products increase. Hence, ignoring the complementation between products leads to some customers lost.


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