A new modulation scheme in polymer optical Fiber communications using Jacket matrix spreading

Document Type : Article


1 Qingdao University, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Ningxia Road, Qingdao, China, 266071

2 Southeast University, School of Information Science and Engineering, 2 Sipaolou, Nanjing, China, 210096


To mitigate the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of discrete multi-tone (DMT) modulation in polymer optical fibers (POF) communication systems, a novel DMT scheme based on Jacket matrix spreading (JS) is proposed. Approximations of PAPR distribution for DMT signals are accurately presented. Single band JS-DMT and multi-band (MB)-JS-DMT are introduced in POF transmission link for PAPR reduction. Offline processing and simulations are adopted to investigate the performance of these new schemes with regard to the PAPR reduction, power spectral density (PSD), data rate and bit error rate (BER). The results demonstrate that, applying the JS methodology, up to 4dB PAPR reduction is achieved. JS-DMT is sensitive to the bandwidth range whereas MB-JS-DMT owns the robustness ability against fiber nonlinearity. Compared with some well known PAPR reduction techniques, the proposed schemes can be easily applied to the DMT modem and achieve the PAPR reduction efficiently without degrading the BER, data rate and PSD performance, which demonstrate the feasibility and validity of these two methods in POF transmission.


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