DTC-SVPWM of an Energy Storage Flywheel Associated with a Wind Turbine Based on the DFIM

Document Type: Article


1 Research laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Automatic (LREA), Department of Electrical engineering, university of Medea, Algeria

2 Department of Electrical engineering University of Djelfa, Algeria


In this article we will control the energy storage inertial noted inertial energy storage system to partner with a wind energy conversion system that aims to improve the power quality transit network. Inertial storage is considered a flywheel coupled to an induction motor and controlled by a voltage inverter type power converter. First step, a model of inertial energy storage system (flywheel + asynchronous machine) is presented, then two control methods are proposed: the direct torque control (DTC and DTC-conventional SVPWM) (space vector pulse with modulation). The two control methods give similar performance, but the DTC-SVPWM requires less computation time. The two regulators and the proportional integrator SVPWM technique were used to determine the switching frequency. Using direct control with vector modulation strategy has enabled the inertial energy storage system of demonstrating good continuation even under rather severe operating conditions, and the torque ripples are significantly reduced compared to the case of conventional DTC. Then we come to the presentation of simulation results obtained.


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