Multi-objective optimization design and performance evaluation of slotted Halbach PMSM using Monte Carlo method

Document Type: Article


1 University of 20 août 1955 Skikda, Department of Electrical Engineering, Skikda, Algeria

2 University of Tebessa, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tebessa, Algeria


This paper proposes the optimized design of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) based on the analysis of radial-flux permanent magnet motor with minimum weight, maximum efficiency and an increased torque. The rotor of the PMSM uses segmented permanent magnets mounted on the surface. The achievement of the method involves four steps. Firstly, the simplified motor model is presented in a manner which yields symbolic solution for optimal motor parameters as a function of mass. Secondly, Monte Carlo method is employed to compute optimal motor dimensions giving efficiency, torque and optimal motor active mass. Then, the steady state characteristics of the optimized primary optimized design obtained in the last step are calculated and compared to satisfy the flux condition. Finally, the performance of the optimized machine has been calculated by using 2D transient finite-element analysis (FEA). Subsequently, the model mesh and the boundary conditions were handled and presented. According to the obtained results, the essential purpose of the work has been reached, the weight has been reduced by 24%, the efficiency was improved by 8% and the rated torque by 40%. The proposed design approach has also the advantage for its significant time reduction of the design cycle.


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