Vibration analysis of FGM rings using a newly designed cylindrical superelement

Document Type: Article


Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics and Automation (CEDRA), School of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave, Tehran, Iran


Rings are widely used in mechanical equipment and their fitness may damage under severe vibration. In these structures functionally graded rings can be used to optimize the resistance, energy consumption and better fitness. Due to their complexity, finite element analysis may be implemented using special elements. Enhancement of accuracy and minimization of time consumption play an important role in the analysis of these rings.
In this study a new cylindrical superelement for the FGM rings is designed and implemented for the vibration analysis of the rings. The power-law distribution is used for modeling of the FGM rings in the thickness direction. Natural frequencies and mode shapes are obtained and results are compared with simple cases obtained from analytical solution and conventional elements. Findings indicate with a few newly designed superelements, comparable results for simple cases in the reported literature can be achieved.


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