Solar assisted desiccant evaporative cooling system for office buildings in Iran: a yearly simulation model

Document Type: Article


Department of Mechanical & Marine Engineering, Chabahar Maritime University, 99717-56499, Chabahar, Iran


In this research, the feasibility of solar assisted desiccant evaporative cooling system for office buildings was studied. An office building in Chabahar, Iran, as a high cooling load demanding region was considered as the case study. Different configurations as the desiccant based cooling systems were examined to determine the most appropriate configuration in terms of established indoor air conditions and required cooling energy. The configurations were simulated hourly and the monthly mean values were determined. TRNSYS software was used for this purpose. The results indicated that the desiccant based cooling system operating in the recirculation cycle with pre-cooling, Config. E has the potential to keep the indoor air conditions within the standard recommendations. In addition, it was shown that Config.  E is the superior configuration in terms of the energy performance and could meet the cooling energy requirements of the space.
    The potential of providing the desiccant regeneration heat by the solar energy was also investigated. Three standard solar thermal panels were explored to propose the most proper array plant. The study showed that an array of solar panels consists of two rows of four unglazed solar thermal collectors could meet the heat energy requirement by the regenerating process.


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