Dynamic analysis of concrete gravity dam-reservoir systems by Wavenumber approach for the general reservoir base condition

Document Type: Article


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Different approaches are utilized for dynamic analysis of concrete gravity dam-reservoir systems. The rigorous approach for solving this problem employs a two-dimensional semi-infinite fluid element (i.e., hyper-element). Recently, a technique was proposed for dynamic analysis of dam-reservoir systems in the context of pure finite element programming which was referred to as the Wavenumber approach. Of course, certain limitations were imposed on the reservoir base condition in the initial form of this technique to simplify the problem. However, this is presently discussed for the general reservoir base condition, contrary to the previous study which was merely limited to the full reflective reservoir base case. In this technique, the wavenumber condition is imposed on the truncation boundary or the upstream face of the near-field water domain. The method is initially described. Subsequently, the response of an idealized triangular dam-reservoir system is obtained by this approach, and the results are compared against the exact response. Based on this investigation, it is concluded that this approach can be envisaged as a great substitute for the rigorous type of analysis under the general reservoir base condition.


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