A hybrid WOA-CBO algorithm for construction site layout planning problem

Document Type: Article


1 Centre of Excellence for Fundamental Studies in Structural Engineering, Iran University of ‎Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, P.O. Box 16846-13114, Iran‎

2 School of Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science and Te b 16846 - 13114 , Iran


The whale optimization algorithm (WOA) is a recently developed swarm-based optimization algorithm inspired by the hunting behavior of humpback whales. This study attempts to enhance the original formulation of the WOA by hybridizing it with some concepts of the colliding bodies optimization (CBO) in order to improve solution accuracy, reliability and convergence speed. The new method, called WOA-CBO algorithm, is applied to construction site layout planning problem. To show the efficiency and performance of the WOA and WOA-CBO in construction site layout problems, three case studies are selected. First case is a discrete and equal area facility layout problem that every facility could assign to any location. Second case is an unequal area version of discrete facility layout problem with more constraints and the last case is a continuous model of construction site layouts. These cases are studied by WOA, CBO and WOA-CBO, and the results are compared with each other.


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