The effect of fixed-tip piles on stabilization of earth slopes

Document Type: Research Note


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Razi University, Taghe Bostan, P.O. Box 67149-67346, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Razi University, Taq - e Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran

3 Department of Civil Engineering, Ayatollah Boroujerdi University, Boroujerd , Iran


A recent widely researched solution is slope stabilization using a row of piles. In this study, the effects of fixed-tip pile and the subsequent pile length reduction, which finally bring about a reduction in stabilization costs were considered. This paper, presents novel analyses that were carried out in static condition. The analyses were performed using the limit equilibrium (LE) method and shear strength reduction (SSR) method, which approve of one another. Fixing pile tip was an efficient and applicable method for stabilizing earth slopes and reducing pile length. Results of these analyses were acceptable and were properly consistent with the results obtained by other researchers. The process of fixing end of pile were also carried out experimentally, and a new method proposed for this purpose, besides its simplicity, is cost effective and practical. The result of this investigation shows the effectiveness of the proposed method, in which, fixing the pile tip could enhance factor of safety (FOS) up to 55 percent.


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